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Xoli Thabethe

Working together with his mother to fight hunger in the community of Alexandra. Mxolisi Thabethe, well known as Xoli, an entrepreneur running three businesses, and a founder of Mageba charity drive. His company donates at least one percent of its profit towards improving the lives of the underprivileged. However, this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company decided to donate branded masks in large quantities to essential workers to help curb the spread of the virus.

Coming from a background where his mother, after she retired as a nurse, dedicated her life to serving the community without expecting anything in return. She continued giving her selfless service to the community of Alexandra, providing temporary shelter and food to those in need.

“I have always seen people coming to my home after a traumatic experience, to seek asylum,” he said.

His mother groomed him from a young age to be kind, to give without expectation, and to love without discrimination. As the principle of giving bore fruits in his heart, sharing became more fulfilling to him. He started Mageba charity drive in 2011, serving the community lunch at his home in Alexandra. The success of the community lunch program was after he had managed to secure a sponsorship with pick n pay, and the retail has been very consistent to this day. With his mother running the day to day operations of the community lunch program, every Monday and Friday they feed over 60 community members.

The challenge that they are facing is the transportation of food, sometimes they do not afford to hire a driver to transport food from pick n pay to Alexandra. However, the community sometimes contributes 5 rands to help hire a driver.

Another challenge during the CoVID-19 pandemic is while serving the community with lunch, they needed to ensure that they adhere to the lockdown regulation; and that all their beneficiaries remain safe from the contamination of the virus.

His ultimate vision is to build a rehabilitation center where people can come and rebuild their lives. But at the moment, he is mentoring young boys and educating them about the principles of life, especially those that do not have a father figure. He wants young boys to see him as a friend so that they can open up to him.

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