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Tebogo Kgama Monakedi

A humanitarian with a purpose of promoting social peace in the community, reuniting a nation that was once divided and distorted through the initiation of a football tournament that brings the community together with a vision of supporting and celebrating young talents.

Tebogo Monakedi was born in Ga Mmela village in Sekhukhune. He is a family man and blessed with two kids, An Industrial Psychology graduate from Potchefstroom University, and working as Human Resource Professional for over 19 years.

"I come from a community that was divided by political and tribal differences which led to several people killed, others displaced, disabled, and dreams shattered. I have been thinking what is it that I could do to try to unite this community under one vision, also, what is it that I could do to pay back the community that inspired and groomed me, accepted me and made me confident to face the world “He said.

Because of his love for education, football, and peace, he decided to initiate an annual KKK Monakedi Education and Peace football tournament worth R38, 000.00 per annum, the football tournament is also supported by Kagisho Radanigwana and Kgaokgelo Mashedi. The tournament has been running for 14 years, intending to promote education and peace, reduce abuse of alcohol and unprotected sex amongst youth by actively engaging them in sport, and bringing inspirational youth role-models closer to them.

Since the establishment of the tournament, many lives have been saved, business leaders born, academics produced, football stars discovered, professional relationships established, and many more.

He is also participating in many other community-driven initiatives by fellow villagers, mentoring, and sharing his resources with other community developers.

The football tournament has become the pride of the youth in the community, they have forgotten about the separation and fights that happened in 1986 and they are now chanting and celebrating together as one community. The tournament has bought peace and harmony to the community.

Along the exciting journey of Community development, he also comes across challenges such as financial difficulties to support the day to day operations and lack of a conducive soccer ground to host the tournament. With all these challenges he still determined to support the youth, promote social peace, and encourage youth to live a purposeful life, dream, and learn from entrepreneurs in the community through the football tournament.

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