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Special Edition: Women's day

Over the years, women have made a breakthrough in cultural boundaries and redefined how society views women. Women of today have shifted from just being a "wife" to becoming inspirational leaders, business owners, professionals, and political leaders. Even so, being a woman today means becoming a warrior, fighting against gender inequality and gender-based violence.

For the commemoration of the international women's day, have asked inspirational women "What does it mean to be a woman today" and here are their responses.

To me, being a woman today means I am a work of God's hand. 
I am a vessel of wisdom, of power, of grace, of meritorious love and therapeutic peace. I am warmth, and kindness, and happiness.
I am Woman, I am King.                    

~Mosa Hunadi Sekele – South Africa Photographer, Storyteller and                                Founder of Le_hlabile

To be a woman means you are strong, you know your weakness and your strengths, but you focus more on your strengths and use it to also support and motivate others. 
To be a woman means you understand your power, and you are careful how you use that power so you can influence positively. To be a woman means you are an overcomer, a leader, and a nurturer. To be a Woman is to appreciate love, give love, and know how to receive it as well. To be a woman means to be the axis that holds the earth.

~Jennifer Agbesua- Ghana 
Country manager –Legrand Ghana , HR Enthusiast, Coach, Diversity and Inclusion Expert

From my experience, being an Afrikan Woman has accorded me a complex life full of many beautiful challenging stories that have built my personal identify. Beyond gender biased views and cultural weakening “norms”, I stand as a dignified, recognized and respected woman who continues to be principled, resilient, focused and a caring mother to many. Today, I define myself as an inspirational leader who is determined to steer other women and young people into the right direction. I am who I am.

~Dr. Banda– Zambia 
Principal Nursing Officer, Public Speaker, Researcher, Philanthropist

Women are phenomenal human beings. It is time for women to set the agenda and apply the intellectual capacity to define the message. Let us be positive, enthusiastic and brim with hope. The world is waiting for women who know their value on this planet. It won't be the first time to have women of the caliber, the bible tells us about Deborah who saved the Israelites from the hands of the enemy and Ester who walked into the lion's kingdom to save the Jews. Women have always been strategic and they can deliver the impossible.

~Vuyokazi Kitsi – South Africa 
Community Developer and Public Speaker

Being a woman means claiming ownership over my body and my identity, advocating for equal rights for everyone. It means being the heart of the marriage and the manager of the family. It is about owning spaces, be unapologetically myself, especially in unconventional spaces that were not created for me. Being a woman means being in a relationship with myself.

~Mabatho Mabotja - South Africa
Project Manager, Inspirational Leader

Happy International Women's Day........

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