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Sebastian Blay

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

An act of kindness from a stranger has restored faith in humanity and implanted a spirit of giving in the heart of Sebastian Blay. Sebastian Blay, he is a humanitarian from Ghana, a Biochemistry graduate, and the brain behind SEB Foundation, Ghana.

He has never forgotten a stranger who paid off his fees when he was sacked for school fees.

“This was during my primary level, my parents had traveled to Ivory Coast and there were not aware of the new fee increment at my school as the result my fees were behind and, I was about to be dismissed from attending classes, a man that I or none of my family had met before paid my outstanding fees, he told me that he couldn’t let me be sacked for school fees because he values education”. He recalled.

That day he learned a great lesson about humanity and giving without any expectations. He noted that,his parents also nurtured him and his siblings to learn to give back to society. He recounted that, growing up his parents would bring vulnerable children to stay with them at home, and they loved them equally with no discrimination melted on anyone. This has inspired him the most as it created opportunities and divine favor to their family.

He founded the SEB foundation in 2017, a non-profit organisation that aims to promote the livelihood of the less privileged children, orphans, and deprived communities in Ghana.

The foundation has various programs including Life/Career Development and Coaching Symposiums for the community members, which aims to guide the youth about the challenges of their concerns and mentor them throughout their careers.

On Sundays, they have a Virtual Health Education Talk Show, where they invite Health, Safety, and Wellness professionals to educate the community on some pertinent health topics of concerns in the community.

There also make donations to the underprivileged community and hold educational events that will help improve the lives of the underprivileged. On May 2020 of SEB Foundation donated to the Word Alive Children's Home at Essiama, in the Ellembele district of Western Region, the foundation donated hygiene products that will help curb the spread of COVID-19 and save the lives of children, the products included sixty bottles of alcohol-based hand sanitizers, two big veronica buckets, protective nose masks for both children and adults, twelve detergents, two big sized dustbins, fifteen packs of sanitary pads, and toothbrushes.

The major challenge of the foundation is financial constraint and cash-follow to run the day to day operations, pay volunteers, and reach more underprivileged communities.

SEB Foundation prays for God's strength and your support to be able to achieve greater heights in its aim of making society, a better place.

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