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Randy Danquah

Randy Danquah is impacting rural communities in Ghana through programs that challenge social issues and fight poverty. He is an inspirational community leader that believes in giving freely without expecting anything in return.

After obtaining his BSc in Agribusiness management at Central University in Ghana. He started to serve as a Humanitarian at Catholic Relief Service, he was working with USAID projects where he gained insightful experience in community development.

With the experience and knowledge that he obtained from working under Catholic Relief Service and his passion to serve, he was ready to embark on his journey of serving rural communities. He founded Rakod Foundation in 2014 intending to help to eliminate poverty, provide proper hygiene and education for the children living in rural communities.

Rakod's programs include menstruation cycle education, this program seeks to increase the knowledge and build the capacity of girls in good menstrual hygiene.

Child sponsorship and education program, this program aims to identify poor and vulnerable children from deprived communities and provides them with sponsorship to pursue an education to fulfill their dreams.

Hand wash program, this program aims to provide deprived schools with safe drinking water, improved sanitation facilities and hygiene education that encourages the development of healthy behaviors for life.

The malaria prevention and control project, Malaria poses an enormous public health burden among the population of Ghana. The program aims to educate older children in primary and junior high schools about measures to prevent malaria.

Village Savings and Loans Associations project (VSLAs), the primary purpose of a VSLA is to provide simple savings and loan facilities, in a community that does not have access to formal financial services. This project mobilizes women into groups to create a network of social and financial capital from which members borrow in turns and payback with minimal interest.

He believing in providing programs that will sustain the community for the rest of their lives, rather than programs that only benefit communities for only a short period. All programs that Rakod NPO provides include monitoring and evaluations of the post-implementation impact.

He noted the challenges that the organization experiences are financial difficulties and a sufficient number of human resources to achieve desired results on a project. He added that people only start to believe in your vision when you are at 70% or when they start seeing on TV.

"To be a philanthropist means you must have the heart to give, be humble, be a good listener and be approachable. Get the right people to be on your team and never give up." He said.

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