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Prince Kofi

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

He is the brains of Africa; an activist passionate about youth development on the African continent. Prince Kofi Nyantakyi, born in Ghana; is a pan Africanist, a country director for the association of Africa future leader for Ghana and a deputy CEO of Africa formula for development.

His passion to serve started during his senior high school days, where he broke the boundaries and became the youngest student council even though he was ineligible because of his age. He started high school at the tender age of 13. He then went on to study a higher national diploma in procurement management and graduated with the charted institute of procurement and supply in the United Kingdom. After his graduation, He worked at the bank on duel roles. Serving as a procurement manager as well as the risk and compliance manager.

He later resigned and focused on helping to build an NPO called EBLCA that his father established in Kenya. During this time, He was working as an executive secretariat. Whilst working with his father, He also established an organization called Fox institute. This institute focused on youth development by creating a platform for youth and entrepreneurs to interact.

"We always hear the success stories of entrepreneurs but my idea was for youth to learn about the challenges and failures of the entrepreneurs and how they overcome the challenges. This is so they know that the road to success is rocky.” He said.

He hosted conferences and seminars all over Ghana, which also brought about the flagship seminar called Ingene summit. This is where they hosted leadership and entrepreneurship programs in tertiary institutions.

During his programs, He met a professor known as Prof. Tony Karbo who is, amongst many things; the vice chancellor of Kayiwa international University in Uganda and also the former adjudicating director of Centre for Conflict Resolution (CCR). Prof. Tony Karbo advised him to start a peace resolution summit. The summit was as the result of the upcoming elections that were happening in Africa and they realized a need to educate youth about the importance of leadership, conflict resolution in leadership and to also help them understand themselves among the midst of political battles.

During his time working as a secretary at EBLCA He started the Africa humanitarian award program. The awards have been received by prominent people like the President of Uganda Mr. Yoweri Museveni in 2014, the first lady of Kenya Margaret Kenyatta and many more.

“I am very fortunate to have the support of Eugenia Akweley Richman, an incredible journalist who works with Asaase Radio in Ghana, my Brother Evans Kissiedu-Nyantakyi, and my father, Bishop James Obeng Nyantakyi the President of the Pan-African Council of Religious Leaders under the State of the African Diaspora. They supported my vision from inception.” He recounted.

He noted that the challenge in Africa is that Africans do not appreciate their youth during the preliminary stages of their careers. Ever since He resigned from his job at the bank to pursue humanitarian work, he has never gotten any support or sponsorship from any corporate company. He has been financing all his programs from his pocket.

"I see this as a challenge but as well as an inspiration because if you are not ready to spend the resources on what you believe in then nobody will come and spend his resources for you. There were times where I needed to go borrow money for the success of the event. “He said.

Another challenge that He noted was that the youth don’t want to collaborate and work together. Everyone wants to be a founder or a boss. As a result, there are many youth development organizations with similar objectives, whereas all the youth development NPOs can be combined into one, to form the strongest partnership in Africa. This can even put them in a better position to attract sponsorships.

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