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Monica Sekhmet Grant

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

"I am on this Earth for a purpose and I intend on fulfilling my purpose".

These are the words of an Enthusiastic Activist who is giving a voice to many and tools to speak their truth, fight for economic empowerment, and become better leaders of tomorrow. Monica Sekhmet Grant is the author of "Mind your Business and Proper"; an activist, a graduate in business studies, a humanitarian, and a businesswoman based in New York.

She started her career as an Activist and Humanitarian by doing door to door data collection from different communities. The data was used to analyze how people live, challenges they face daily, and what can be done to empower them to live a better life.

As her passion for community development grew stronger, her vision to reach more people in and outside America become more lucid, and that was the birth of her career in media. She started the Young Boss Media Company which is a community-based organization dedicated to increasing social justice activism and entrepreneurship within low to moderate-income communities through media training.

The company also helped her become a better activist, a better organizer and to reach more people. She creates content that educates people about economic empowerment and entrepreneurship. She trains people to use media to speak their truth and empower the nations.

"I don’t do any of this alone. I have a team of hosts and producers from America and Africa that help make the Young Boss Media network real".

The Young Boss Media brings together young entrepreneurs from around the world, to master the art of media and business within a safe virtual community to gain practical experiences in media and business that has a positive impact on the world, to start and run successful business ventures, to learn from and network with other dedicated young adults, to share ideas/content/media and receive feedback, and ultimately to gain the confidence necessary to live a fulfilled life.

"My goal is for people to be aware that entrepreneurship is not about living a lavish lifestyle, but it is about hard work, being self-aware, and having the determination to reaching your goals."

She creates content that empowers and assists people who just come out of prison and struggling to find jobs to prosper in the business arena despite the challenges of getting investors.

"My mission of entrepreneurship and economic empowerment is to empower people to be self-aware and alignment with the universe so that wherever they go, they can be able to survive adversity and prosper."

Her purpose is to empower people to use media to develop their communities, mentor upcoming entrepreneur from underrepresented communities and create content for economic empowerment.

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