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Mapiti Mohubedu

Mapiti Mohubedu is committed to bringing knowledge that can create opportunities for unemployed youth, restore hope and dignity in the lives of the underprivileged communities.

He is a Limpopo born international award-winning philanthropist, an engineer, CEO of M’Afrika brand, Head of mission of South Africa at Afrika Evolve Global based in Canada and Chairperson of Dilokong Visionary Leaders Foundation. He is well-traveled, passionate about African history and personal growth. In the core of his heart is the gift to serve and to bring hope in rural communities.

In 2015 he co-founded a nonprofit organization called Dilokong Visionary Leaders (DLV) Foundation with the commitment of building bridges of opportunity through Science, Technology, Energy, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM). These are essential skills to acquire, to prepare and equip youth and future visionary leaders to be in alignment with the fourth industrial revolution.

DVL Foundation programs include mentorship programs which are designed to help the youth establish connections with experienced people in different professional spheres viz. academic, entrepreneurial and corporate.

Career exhibition which provides learners with career guidance in the form of talks from qualified professionals and companies exhibiting career opportunities.

The community development programs that includes awareness of domestic violence, environmental health, alcohol and drug abuse.

DVL Foundation has partnered with Gradesmach to hosts annual online applications for admission to institutions of high learning and cover costs related to applications on behalf of the learners.

Their signature program is Robotic and coding program .They are acknowledged across Africa for embracing and creating opportunities for youth in the technology industry. DVL Foundation, in partnership with Airbus Robotics workshop, facilitates an annual workshop aimed at exposing and encouraging young people to consider careers in robotics development and programming, in an attempt to align them with the fourth industrial revolution.

The main aim of the Robotic and coding program is to reduce unemployment amongst youth and women. DVL Foundation’s long term goal is to teach 500 000 women how to code and they target 1000 people annually.

“The idea is to target more numbers, however, we have limited working tools such as computers," he said.

They also impart knowledge and teach young people about what is coming in the next generation so that they can be more prepared in terms of their career advancement.

“My fulfillment is being able to support and instill hope in a child that has lost the confidence of ever becoming somebody in life and witnessing them transform into the best version of themselves" He said.

He noted the importance of collaborating with other local organizations with similar interests so that they can help each other grow and reach a broader spectrum.

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