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Kabelo Tabona

Kabelo Tabona is resuscitating hope in the lives of youth in Botswana and African countries. A humanitarian living his purpose, born and bred in Botswana, Mahalapye village. He is a country director of the Association of African Future Leaders, an ambassador of Global Goodwill, and an ambassador of Billion Child Foundation. Recently launched an organization in South Africa called Africa’s Formula for Development.

I believe as humanitarians and philanthropists we need to prepare our African future leaders who are the youth and we must do so by providing them skills that enable them to be competitive in this economy and technology trends. That is why the birth of my new organization.”

The patron started his humanitarian work five years ago, giving food hampers to families that are struggling financially and sponsoring local non-profit organizations to help improve the welfare of people in the community. He sponsored a successful community lunch event in Botswana where 200 families received food parcels, the event was honored by prestigious people including the vice president of Botswana and the minister of Health. Another successful community lunch event was held in South Africa, Beaufort West in the Western Cape Province, where over 3000 people we served with lunch.

"My desire and passion is to fight hunger, growing up it was not easy, we struggled as a family to put food on the table, hence I want to fight poverty at all means”.

His passion is felt by many families in Botswana and he continues to inspire young adults. However, he is now embarking on a journey of fighting poverty through skills development, he is partnering with various trainers and companies in Botswana to organize a skill acquisition seminar where unemployed youth from all over Africa can join together to gain knowledge.

“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day—if you teach him to fish, you feed him for many days.”(Chinese proverbs)

Part of his vision is to partner with colleges and local youth that are skilled in either baking, hairdressing, or any handwork, to train community youth whilst compensating them for their time and resources by doing so he will be fighting unemployment and mentoring young people to venture into business. Recently, he partnered with companies that are training young people in robotics, the vision is to train 50 to 100 young people in robotics and coding so that they can use the skill to find jobs or to venture into business.

He aims to use his political influence to sensitize people about the power of giving and most importantly to develop future leaders. He believes that we can only fight poverty and unemployment through skills development and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs.

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