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Jacob Bahula

Updated: May 31, 2020

My greatest inspiration is seeing someone who has generally made it in life, coming back to the community he grew up in, to help uplift the lives of others. That is what Jacob Bahula did. Born and bred in the street of Ga-Sekhukhune village in Limpopo where dreams are yearning but seemingly impossible to achieve, breaking through the struggles of being raised in an under-developed community, Jacob became a successful ICT professional.

Growing up, we went to school without proper uniform because most of our parents did not afford”. Today it's evident that there is still a significant number of children in rural areas that still do not have a proper school uniform and some at worst go to school barefooted.

This heart-breaking reality of underprivileged children touched Jacob’s heart, remembering where he is coming from, it was no brainer to give a helping hand. Three (3) years ago he initiated a program to support under-privileged primary school children with uniforms and shoes in Ga-Sekhukhune village.

The first year, he managed to donate over 80 school shoes, the second year was over 100 shoes and this year our country is facing a national state of disaster making it difficult for him to increase this number. Even so, Jacob is still determined to reach out to as many children as possible.

Although his focus is now on primary schools in Ga-Sekhukhune village, his vision is to reach more school children across Limpopo province.

Apart from his capital, he relies on donations from individuals that are appetite by his good initiative and decided to get involved, the biggest challenge is that he has to travel different places to collect shoe donation from people who are willing to help.

He said, “My biggest achievement is when a child he hasn’t met before comes to him and says thank you”.

Indeed we thank you for the great impact you are doing in children’s lives and may God bless you.

Follow him on Facebook : Mamphekgo Phaahle Bahula.

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