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Jabu Sithole

The goodness of a man is seen through his actions, Jabu Sithole's good deed is hope to a starving child. The man that strives to improve food security in the community, and lend a helping hand to those in need. He converted his home to a community center, a place where members of the community gather in numbers to get food.

Mr. Sithole is a community developer and family man living in Soweto, in a community called Mofolo Central. He founded the El-Shaddai community builder in 2011, The NGO that aims to improve food security in the underprivileged community, partnering with major retail stores like pick and pay and the local bakery to assist with the fight against hunger in the underprivileged community.

He again assists people with disabilities to have access to a wheelchair and ensure that children who are handicapped get a wheelchair that is suitable for their needs.

"I am a former member of the Soweto teacher’s choir, I am very talented in choral music" he recounted.

He uses his passion and love for music to teach learners and teachers in the Soweto community about choral music. He teaches them music notations and mentors them in the school music competition. Ikemeleng primary school in Soweto is one of the schools that he mentors in music and it has won school singing competition in three consecutive years.

“I love anything that involves community building and I am always happy to assist people anyway I can”

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused financial distress in most of the black community and subjecting more people than usual to hunger as a result people of Mofolo central and the nearby communities started to gather in a large number at Mr. Sithole's home in quest for a food parcel and this becomes a challenge because sometimes there was not enough food to feed everyone.

Mr. Sithole only hopes that people can join together in the fight against poverty.

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