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Dr. Beatrice May Banda

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Dr. Beatrice May Banda is a woman with a heart of gold, fighting against Gender-Based Violence and social issues facing youth. Everyone who has crossed-path with her calls her 'mother' because of the warmth she carries in her heart.

Dr. Beatrice May Banda is from Zambia; she is a Principal Nursing Officer, public speaker, researcher, and the Chairperson of Africa’s Formula for Development an NGO based in South Africa. She is an inspiration leader and a voice for the youth. She has 21 years of experience in nursing where she has built knowledge in nursing practice, education and administration, as well as Gender-Based Violence issues. She has a Ph.D. in nursing (Public Health) from Teziala American University, a Master's in Nursing (Leadership and Management) from Monash University in Australia, Bachelor of Science Nursing from the University of Zambia and a registered Nurse. She is a member of the African Forum for Research and Education in Health (AFREHealth) and African Forum for Primary Care (AfroPHC).

Dr. Banda supervises a one-stop-center that deals with Gender-Based Violence (GBV); a global pandemic that knows no social or economic boundaries and affects women and girls of all socio-economic backgrounds. She dedicated her life to support and revive hope in the victims of GBV; providing them with counseling and medical care. She has a farm in Zambia which she uses to empower the community members and fight poverty through agricultural activities.

She noted the importance of leadership in humanitarians; humanitarians must strive to create environments that will allow people to grow, think independently, and express themselves freely. Unlike many, she was taught to be a humanitarian. She was not fond of the nursing profession in the preliminary stage of her career but as she continued to work with people from different backgrounds and situations, she began to impact people’s lives. She started to develop interest and found a new love in humanitarian work.

Today she educates young adults into the nursing profession, inspires them about different career path ways within nursing, and prepares them for the transition.

“Humanitarian is part of me, my office is a focal point for everyone who has either personal or work-related problems. During my time as a lecturer, student nurses came to my office for psychological support, and some for financial assistance. I always help where I can”. She said.

COVID-19 pandemic has put so much emotional and physical strain on nurses. Therefore, as a nurse administrator, she organized a retreat in the comfort of her home, a good deed to show appreciation and motivate them to continue saving lives.

She noted that most challenges that philanthropists have are the financial capability to achieve set goals and reach a broader audience.

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