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Anne Ethel Komlaga

Anne Ethel Komlaga is fighting poverty by imparting knowledge and skills that will empower youth and make them have a sustainable income. She is an Educator and an International award-winning Humanitarian with over ten years experience in the field of Education, Leadership, and Personal Development. She holds MA Educational Leadership and Management from the University of Ghana and also a fellow of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) West Africa RLC.

After identifying that youth have good ideas to grow the economy and impact social change but because of financial capabilities, time, and other resource challenges they are not able to achieve their desired goals and outcome. In 2017 she mobilized a group of professionals to contribute the ideas and resources to build their community and empower youth.

"I knew that I cannot achieve my goal alone, so I partnered with young professionals who have similar interests of serving and we came up with a name called Quantum Ideas Ghana. It is a registered NGO made up of a group of young professionals who are passionate about contributing to the Developmental needs of their communities.”She said.

Since the inception of the organisation in 2017, her team has managed to achieve a lot and made a great impact on the community. Along their list of achievements is; they have developed a community library at Awaso community in Ghana. The library brings the community together and promotes peace and knowledge within the community.

They have economic skills training programs where they empower youth with skills that can help them make a sustainable income. One of the successful skills training was their recent program where they were training youth to create their own detergent using simple ingredients that are easily accessible and affordable.

Anne Ethel Komlaga has a high passion for promoting quality education and gender empowerment issues and As an ambassador of 1district, 1library initiative of the National Readers Association, she works hard in collaboration with relevant bodies towards the attainment of SDG4 and 5 by providing libraries and other learning resources and Programs in communities to keep the girl child in school, i.e. Ghana Girls Mission and Community Reading Projects. She also embark on projects to plant trees in communities and other environmental care initiatives

She noted that the major challenge she experiences is having the financial resource to achieve desired goals and reach a broader spectrum. Currently, they are looking for a partnership to assist in purchasing a soap mixing machine that will help unemployed youth to produce soap in large quantity and sell for profit.

“Now more than ever we need humans to be together. It is not enough to be a professional and get your paycheck every month without caring for anyone. The world need people who cares about human needs. If you can’t feed many people feed one.” She said

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