Hello! My name is Octavia Makgati.  From a young age, I was always inspired by the good deeds of people in my community and around the world, people who are passionate about helping underserved communities, the patron that seek to promote the welfare of others, and contributing their time and selfless services to build a community that cares.

These life-changing stories and selfless services from philanthropists around the world inspired me to create this blog, a blog that is determined to share uplifting stories, promote charitable events and encourage readers to join the philanthropist community.  

In the midst of negative news we hear and read about daily, we tend to be blind-folded about humanity that still exists, this platform aims to bring heartfelt stories around the world and the good deeds of others to light. Most importantly to celebrate kindness.

 In my blog, you can only be inspired and be encouraged to make a difference.

"I cannot change the world alone but I can cast the stone across the waters to create many ripples" ~ Mother Teressa

Our Mission

To inspire humanity by celebrating people who continuously provide selfless service to the community and to encourage people to get involved in changing lives.


Our Vision

To become a global social platform that joins together people with one goal of building a society that cares about one another.

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